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*** New Arrivals *** - DP Concept Maple by DW Drum Kit Silver to Black Sparkle fade

PDP Concept Maple by DW Silver to Black Sparkle fade



What if boutique-inspired drums loaded with pro-features were more affordable?
What if drummers could get a wide variety of our most popular Custom Shop sizes and colours without breaking the bank?
We’re proud to introduce a new concept, a completely re-imagined line of PDP drums designed for every drummer. It’s called the Concept Series and it has a fresh new look and a sound that already has drummers talking. Choose from Concept Maple or Concept Birch shells in a myriad of today’s most popular configurations. Then, add toms or bass drums to build custom-style kits to suit just about every musical style. Add to that, high-end features like STM (Suspension Tom Mounts), True Pitch tension rods, MAG throw-off, die cast low-mass claw hooks, proportionate counter hoops and durable lacquer finishes, and you have a kit that unquestionably lives up to its DW roots.



Drum Workshop has become synonymous with custom exotic finishes, while at the same time, PDP Concept Series™ drums have provided drummers with the user-friendly features and build-quality that had previously been reserved for much more expensive boutique sets. New Concept Maple Exotics deliver on both of these promises in a big way. Offered in a 5-piece F.A.S.T. configuration with available 8" and 14" add-ons, the all-maple shells are finished in a rich Walnut veneer with glossy Charcoal Burst lacquer. Sizes include an 18x22" virgin bass drum, 8x10" and 9x12" rack toms, a 14x16" floor tom, and a matching 5.5x14" snare drum. Mounting hardware for the rack toms is also included in the shell pac



With retro looks and a warm vintage-style sound, the Concept Series™ Classic Wood Hoop kit is sure to turn heads. As part of the Concept Maple line, it features all-maple shells and counter hoops in two distinct, matte-finished themes. Recessed stamped claw hooks retain the plied maple hoops and add to the classic appeal. Offered without a snare drum in these old school sizes: 8x12", 9x13", 16x16", and 16x18" toms and 16x22", 14x24", and 14x26" bass drums.


THE WOOD HOOP following the success of the Concept Series Classic Wood Hoop set, Drum Workshop is proud to present its Bop cousin. The all-maple 3-piece shell pack comes in traditional Bebop sizes and features the same vintage-style, low profile claw hooks and plied maple counter hoops. Offered in the same Walnut Stain and Natural colour options, each kit has a calfskin-like tonality and can be tuned up or down for a variety of musical situations.


This used kit consists of – 24” Bass Drum – 12” mounted tom – 16” floor tom. The sound is spectacular!


Added Snare - from the mid Eighties size 14"x5". Yamaha 8000 series professional drum. Mahogany shell, triple flanged hoops, dark and warm sound, with a great sensibility. It responds promptly to every little change of tensioning of the heads, it is a versatile snare drum that will suit every professional musical demand.

It is a 30+-year-old snare still modern and fascinating, and it can compared with the actual top of the line Yamaha instrument. Profile claw hooks and plied maple counter hoops. White finish.

*Cymbals and stands extra.


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Tony Elder / Steve Jackson

Black Dot Music Est 1985

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