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*** New Arrivals *** - Lowden F23C Walnut Cedar Cutaway Acoustic Guitar 2007

Lowden F23C Walnut Cedar

Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

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Tony Elder / Steve Jackson

From Lowden.

Original Series - Claro or Bastone Walnut 23 The Original Series was the very first Lowden range from 1976, just as the ‘O’ model is George’s original Lowden body design. Although the medium sized ‘F’ and concert sized ‘S’ have been added to the range since then, the Lowden standard of passionate commitment to no compromise was well and truly set.

The O23 has become a great favorite for its deep resonant and complex tone, rather like a slightly mellower version of the 22. Sweet, warm, clear, quite light and yet complex. As an alternative the O35 w/c with its AAAA tonewoods will be a little clearer and more defined. The F23 is a little more ‘punchy’ and focused in common with all the mid sized Frange. The F35 W/SS is an alternative choice if you would like all the focusedprojection and yet with a tad extra clarity. The S23 is the first small bodied steel string I designed. I adjusted the soundboxgeometry and voicing to accentuate bass - I knew in a concert sized body the treble would be good anyway. The S23 with its medium hard AAA walnut back and sides and cedar top is warm, very loud and well balanced.

This guitar is from 2007 and added features include. Pickups ... LR Baggs Anthem SL and a Schertler Magnetico AG6 with Schertler S-MIC-M attachment. Also a Headway EDB-2 di/preamp.

NEW RRP $7,999 is without the $1,200+ ickup/Preamp system


American Mahogany

Claro or Bastone Walnut

23 Cedar O, F View Guitar

East Indian Rosewood



Rosewood, sycamore, walnut, mahogany

Figured Sycamore


Mahogany, Walnut, Sycamore, rosewood

Schaller M6 Gold with Ebony buttons



5 piece: Mahogany/Rosewood




 photo Lowden F23C 1_zpshbt6awzu.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 2_zpsxgngptsa.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 3_zpstlxhalsm.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 4_zpsdi0punqp.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 5_zps5n1jc3pu.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 6_zpsdtfrioaq.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 7_zpsecfaht0h.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 8_zps5mobygff.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 9_zpss0s3ag07.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 10_zps3yyeygrr.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 11_zpsjy0cyxvd.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 12_zpscmog37s8.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 13_zpskpwfq5pe.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 14_zpssvp7bcf8.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 15_zpsqpjxbsok.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 16_zpsaotgraju.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 17_zpsownacuwy.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 18_zpsagf3lpjn.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 19_zpsbjvgmnyd.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 20_zpsmqb5coiy.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 21_zpsujxhtoi7.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 22_zpsxolkmmdi.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 23_zpshxoelgqn.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 24_zpslpmwnprt.jpg




 photo Lowden F23C 25_zpslmwqsnje.jpg