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Fender USA Close Inspection

Here we feature Fender Custom Shop / American Vintage and offer a closer look at the inner quality, era tribute componants and incredible tooling, finishing. The Custom Shop builders pencil markings can be seen pre the body and neck impressed stamping. Also the build and traveler numbers with fender colour code. 





The Queen of Tone.. (Abigail Ybarra)



Fender Custom Shop Factory Tour • Interview w/ Pickup Designer Josefina Campos

AA Fender Stratocaster 1956 American Vintage Sunburst Maple neck - Close Inspection
AA Fender Stratocaster American Standard Sunburst Maple neck - closer look
AA Fender Telecaster Custom Shop 1955 2-Tone Wide Faded Sunburst ... pull down pics
Fender American Vintage 1965 Stratocaster Burgundy Mist FSR - Closer look.´╗┐
Fender American Vintage Stratocaster 1959 Aztec Gold - Closer look
Fender Cust Shop LTD 50'S STRAT Journeyman, All Rosewood Neck, Blue Ice Metallic ... SOLD!
Fender Custom Shop 1951 Heavy Relic Telecaster´╗┐ - Closer Look - Sold
Fender Custom Shop 1952 Heavy Relic Telecaster´╗┐ - Closer Look ... SOLD!
Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1956 Heavy Relic
Fender Custom Shop LTD 50's Strat Journeyman, All Rosewood Neck Blue Ice - pull down pics SOLD!
Fender Stratocaster 1957 Custom Shop LPB All Rosewood Neck - closer look ... SOLD!
Fender Stratocaster 2009 Custom Shop 1956 Black - closer look ... SOLD!
Fender Stratocaster 60th Commemorative Sunburst w/Gold Hardware Pull Down pics
Fender Stratocaster CS 1959 JOURNEYMAN Sherwood Green Metallic closer inspection ... SOLD!
Fender Stratocaster CS 1961 RELIC, Fiesta Red - Close Inspection SOLD!
Fender Stratocaster CS 1963 RELIC, Candy Apple Red - Close Inspection ... SOLD!
Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop 60th Anniversary 1954 Heavy Relic in Blonde SOLD!
Fender Tele Custom Shop 1963 Relic Sunburst - Closer look SOLD!
Fender Telecaster 1959 Custom Shop Journeyman Aged White Blonde ... SOLD!
Fender Telecaster CS 1963 RELIC, Olympic White - Close Inspection - Sold!