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Guitars - Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn.  You can be playing songs is a very short time frame. Understanding how the instrument works is simple.  It's just a matter of starting.  The quality of even the entry level instruments we sell is remarkable.

There are some pretty important things to consider when buying a guitar.  You have to like the sound(if you do you'll be more likely to play more often). It has to feel right. It has to look right & have the features you are going to need.

We like to take a consultative approach when helping you select your guitar.  The process should be fun & informative.


*** Website updates *** we will be adding inventory and updating daily.  


Black Dot Music - 02 6696 3530


A Cort MR600F NS Acoustic Electric Cutaway
A Lukey Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic
A Martinez MD 31 BLK 
A Takamine F560s Non Production model Show display guitar
A Takamine GD30CE-NAT
A Takamine GY93E Nat New Yorker
A Yamaha 645 Jumbo Acoustic 1988
Alvarez ABT60 Baritone Guitar
Aria MM-10 Gypsy Guitar
Ashton D25 / 12 NTM 12 String Acoustic Electric
Ashton D40sceq NT Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Cutaway
BREEDLOVE Pursuit Concert Blackwood Sunburst USB
Ibanez AEL2012ETKS 12 String Used
Ibanez Artwood AW-28 RLG used Dreadnought
Lowden F23C Walnut Cedar Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
Takamine D series ED 20 SC NS new Cutaway Electric
Tanglewood Evolution TVC Koa C new Cutaway Electric
Tanglewood Java TW-JFE Exotic woods
Tanglewood Sundance TW45 AN Cutaway Electric
Yamaha FGX720SC BS Acoustic Electric Cutaway Brown Sunburst